Equi-Fab offers these products for those horses who need the extra edge in competition.

G Force
This product aids the horse’s performance while helping the muscles recover after an event. G-Force also works to combat immunosuppression due to repeated intense exercise, when used regularly.

G-Force Fact Sheet


Top Gun Prerace
A high potency vitamin-mineral pre-race supplement that is an economical, yet effective answer to the “Just short by a nose” syndrome. Top Gun helps give your horse that “extra edge” he needs to finish strong.

Top Gun Prerace Fact Sheet


A pleasant tasting oral paste that helps nerve impulses to communicate faster with one another thus allowing muscles to work more efficiently and effectively which minimizes overall muscle fatigue thus aiding muscle endurance.

Enkore Fact Sheet

Creatine Monohydrate 1050 mg / tube
L-Carnitine 950 mg / tube
Gamma-AminoButyric Acid 5150 mg / tube
Copper Lysine 250 mg / tube

Administer two (2) tubes 2-4 hours prior to work, race or any competitive event.

30 ml / tube—12 tubes per box


A power packed endurance and energy supplement designed to provide the highest bio-available sources of creatine (without the toxic effects of cyanide and sarcosine), L-ornithine alpha-keto glutarate, and N,N-dimethyl glycine, Paradigm also aids in the reduced buildup of metabolic ammonia and minimizes glutamine losses.

Paradigm Fact Sheet


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