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This gamma oryzanol containing liquid supplement enhances the muscle growth and protein utilization that your horse needs, without any “down sides”.
Gamma Grow is a safe replacement for anabolic steroids with no known side effects and available without a prescription.

Gamma Grow Fact Sheet

A unique water soluble multi vitamin/mineral supplement that provides you with the absolute freshness that your horse deserves. Impervious to sunlight and the harmful effects of ultra-violet radiation, Red Line uses multiple sources of organic macro-minerals to guarantee maximum bio-availability. Highly concentrated and thus very economical.

Red Line Fact Sheet

The most complete blend of macro and micro minerals is now available for your horse. By blending a unique mixture of kelp and bio-available organic trace minerals with traditionally beneficial probiotic organisms we are able to offer a product, Sea Plex, that is both superior and more effective that any product on the market.

Sea Plex Fact Sheet


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